Friday, July 30, 2010

JUST SAY NO to debt collectors .

People who come to see me are worn out by debt collectors. It's understandable, they're called day and night.  Usually there's not too much they can do anymore about their financial problems. If you are facing debt collectors and losing sleep over the stress of it all, you do have other options.

 Just say no. It is our right under the fair debt collection practices act to tell the debt collectors, don't call me anymore. When this happens you must send them a letter in writing.. I suggest that you mail it certified, "return receipt requested" so you have proof of its delivery. Once the agency receives your letter, its employees can only contact you one final time to explain what action they plan to take. If this is your story my hope is it's to help you. Just saying no, can give you a break from the stress. If I can help you please feel free to call


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