Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Debt Collector Harassment-Protect your Privacy

When you are dealing with aggressive debt collectors and creditors it's important to be conservative about the information you give to them. I know that it is your intention to pay your debts if you can. If though debt collectors are calling you so much that you have decided to read my bankruptcy blog, it's time to ratchet up your approach with them.

Do not provide a debt collector with bank account information. If a debt collector requests you make payment over the phone just pass Don't make a payment that way, send it in the mail.When you make a payment over the phone you provide all your banking information to the collector. When they have your banking information if they sue you they can garnish your wages and get a judgment, without much work.

Make payments on debts that are not current by using money orders. Using money orders, you are protecting (at least to some degree) information about your bank accounts.

Be conservative about provideing  debt collectors with information about your current employment.  By not releasing this information to a debt collector, you will make it more difficult for a creditor to obtain a garnishment of your wages should a creditor obtain a judgment from a court against you. If you need please feel free to call me about aggressive debt collectors ,there is legal action that can be taken .
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